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Anushka Joshi
(अनुष्का जोशी)

Ph.D (PMRF), IIT Roorkee

M.Tech, IIT Hyderabad

I am currently a recipient of the prestigious Prime Minister Research Fellowship in Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, since 2022. My master's degree from IIT Hyderabad (2020- 22) is distinguished by an impressive overall CGPA of 9.8. My achievement in studies during this time were recognized by the Student Excellence Award by IIT Hyderabad, an accolade given to the top scorer of the year in the department. I have achieved the pinnacle of merit in the field of Computer Science and Engineering during my B.Tech at G.B Pant Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pauri (2016- 20), substantiated by a commanding score of 85.4.

Research Interests: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Earthquakes, Real-World Applications, Computer Vision

Academic Odyssey

(शिक्षा विवरण)

Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering (2022- Present)

M.Tech, Computer Science and Engineering (2020- 22)

B.Tech, Computer Science and Engineering (2016- 20)

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I am grateful to the following organizations whose support helps me grow in research.



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